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Experience advanced color & cut techniques with any of our seasoned professional stylists.

* Prices may vary depending on length and/or thickness of the hair as well as stylist.


Women's Cut & Style   |   40+

When you want the works! Indulge with a relaxing shampoo, get a cut that works for you and your lifestyle, then receive a blowout that will have your locks loving you for days!

Men's Cut   |   20+

Includes shampoo & style.

Shampoo & Blowdry   |   25+

Whether you’re going out, or just want to be pampered; have us shampoo, blowdry, and style your hair to have you looking (and feeling) like a million bucks!


Root Touch-Up   |   60+

Single color applied to the re-growth. Whether you want to enhance your natural color or cover up those grays, we will make it happen.

Full Color   |   70+

Single color covering all of your hair. If you want a single, all over shiny hue that enhances your skin tone, then this is the way to go!

Partial Foil   |   75+

Usually placed around the face for a brightening or framing effect. If it hasn't been that long since your last highlighting service, or if your hair, especially the back, isn't that dark, just go with a partial.

Mid Foil   |   90+

More than a partial, less than a full. For some, this service is just right!

Full Foil   |   110+

If you want an all over Highlighted effect, then this is the option for you.

Color Correction   |   150+

Hey we all make mistakes sometimes, and we are here to help when that happens! (Includes stripping, and correcting unwanted tones. Up to 3 color processes)

Color Add-Ons

Olaplex   |   $10+
It's like insurance for your hair. This revolutionary product links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before.  So now you can push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of hair. 

Heavy Foiling $20
This option is for blondes who want lots of foils for that wow factor! Can be added to partial, mid, or full foil.

Accent Foils (10-14)   |   $50

This is a great add on for those of you who regularly get root touch ups, and enjoy the added dimension of highlights. Highlights are strategically placed around your face for the most natural look.

Express Balayage   |   $60
Just like the original, you can enhance your base color with a few artfully painted strands for a subtle sunkissed glow.
Toner or Gloss   |   $15+

Adds flawless tone to highlights to give you just the right color. The finishing touch!

Color or Clear Glaze   |   $30+
It's like lip gloss; you can go clear or choose any color. Oh, and did we mention how shiny it is?

Texture & Conditioning Treatments

Brazilian Blowout   |   250+

Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatments are the most innovative and effective in the world.
Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.
The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!

Express Brazilian Blowout  |  $75


This fast, easy-to-use smoothing  and strengthening complex is formulated with the same exclusive Keratin, Acai and Cocoa Seed Butter base Original Reconstructor, yet takes half the amount of time to apply.

The Weekender  |  40+

The Weekender is an awesome and unique treatment. It is a conditioning treatment mask that helps smooth and condition your hair, but it also will give you a taste of what the Original Brazilian Blowout can do for your hair. The Weekender will give you smooth, frizz-free for hair for the weekend. Lasts up to one shampoo. 

Permanent Straightener   |   125+

Permanently straighten or soften your natural wave or curl pattern.

Balayage & Specialty Techniques

Balayage involves a stylist hand-painting the highlights so that they look even more natural, with depth and dimension that resemble the effects of the sun. Balayage means "sweeping" in French, and is a reference to both the sweeping motions of the painting process.  Often used on flowing hairstyles with loose curls or beachy waves, balayage highlights can be low-maintenance and natural or more extreme.

Balayage Face Frame   |   85+

This express color technique doesn't take long and aims to enhance your natural hair color with a few pieces of color artfully placed around your face.

Partial Balayage   |   100+

The ultimate "super-model" style color! This gives you that effortlessly sun-kissed, beautiful color. A modern alternative to highlitghts with a rootier finish. Very chic, subtle multi-tones and dimension. Also great for brunettes wanting a touch of illumination. Partial balayage delivers a very subtle result with only about 1/4 of the total hair on your head being colored.

Full Balayage   |   125+ 

Full balayage delivers a more dramatic result with about 1/2 of the total hair on your head being colored.

Balayage Ombre   |   150+

Balayage Ombre is a blending of two techniques. Color is applied with a sweeping motion from the ends of the hair up towards the scalp. The color is concentrated towards the ends of the hair to achieve a complete change in color from the roots to the ends. Balayage Ombre delivers the most dramatic result with about 3/4 of the total hair being colored.

Ombre   |   150+

Ombre describes the gradual blending of one color hue into another, usually moving shades from lightest at the ends of the hair to darkest at the root or vice versa. This technique can be subtle by choosing colors that are very similar to one another or dramatic as if all of the hair has been dipped in a very different color.

Add on root color   |   50

Take your color to the next level and make any of these specialty services a double process by enhancing your base color first. 

Hair Extensions

We offer the following methods of hair extensions applications. All hair extension services require a scheduled consultation. 

I-Link Pro ("Beaded" Method)
The I-Link Pro method uses a non-slip microbead to attach a keratin-tip extension to the existing hair.  The tip looks much like the end of an ever-so-thin shoelace tip.  Professional stylists attach these extensions by using a lock tool and bead Loop Tool.  I-Link Pro is a non-chemical application and an ideal method for protecting the hair.  The hair is removed by simply unlocking the bead.  I-Link extensions are semi-permanent and last from 3-6 months depending upon quality of care. * Must be maintenanced every 6-8 weeks.

Kera-Link Pro (Bonded "Fusion" Method)

"Most Popular"

The Kera-Link Pro method uses an open-ended keratin-tip to attach an extension to the existing hair.  Kera-Link tips look similar to a tiny cupped flower petal or fingernail.  The tip is placed into position and heated with an electric Melting Connector.  Using her fingers, a stylist forms the warm keratin around the existing hair until it cools, stabilizes, and bonds.  Kera-Link Pro uses a liquid bond removal agent to disconnect and remove the extensions.  These are semi-permanent extensions that last from 3-6 months depending upon quality of care.

Tape-In Pro
The Tape-In Pro method is the newest, innovative approach to applying hair extensions.  Tape-In hair is designed with two strips of adhesive pressed against the tip of the extension that attach the extension to the hair.  This may prove to be the least invasive and easiest extension to apply.  Tape-In extensions are less permanent than I-Link Pro and Kera-Link Pro extensions, but they are considerably durable and still require the professional artistic and technical talent of a stylist or hair specialist.  Tape-In hair extensions are quick to apply and easy to remove.

Clip-In Extensions 
Clip-In hair is applied using small plastic clips that are pre-attached to the hair extension.  Clip-In hair can be ordered in narrow Single Clip extensions or a Full Head assortment of wefts.  You may apply Clip-In hair with or without the help of a professional stylist.

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